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Lot 13. The enclosure of accommodation land.

The whole comprising 17a. 3r. 32p.
The occupier was Mr. E. W. Padfield who paid £22 for 17a. 1r. 34p. of arable and pasture on a yearly tenancy.
There was 1r. 38p. of woodland in hand, valued at £60. To be paid by the puchaser.
The purchaser was Mr. J. Quilter who also bought the adjoining lot (lot no 8, Manor Farm).

Later In 1946 whilst Lot 8  (Manor Farm) was compulsory purchased by the LCC lot 13 was not. and so remained in the ownership of the Quilters. When the LBH eventually rescinded the tenancy and took back control of Manor Farm in 2004/5 the Quilters, James Jnr and his wife Audrey stayed on in the bungalow they had built on plot 13. When first James and then Audrey died they were both buried within the plot. The house and 17 acres is still in the ownership of the Quilter family (2019)